How to Setup Email AutoResponder App in Geminii

How to Setup Email AutoResponder App in Geminii

To configure the  Email Autoresponder app completely in Geminii  consists of 3 main steps : 

1. Adding Your SMTP
2. Adding Your List & Contacts 
3. Creating & Managing Your Campaigns 

Now let us explore & set up each step in detail. 

Step 1: Adding Your SMTP

To be able to add your SMTP, simply go to Your SMTP >> Add New SMTP >> Enter your SMTP related details like : 
- SMTP Name 
- SMTP Host 
- SMTP Port 
- SMTP Username 
- SMTP Password 
- From Name (This is the name from which the campaign would be sent)
- From E-mail (This is the email  from which the campaign would be sent)
- Reply-to E-mail (This is the email on which you would receive the replies from your audience)

and click on ‘Add SMTP’. 

Step 2: Creating New List & Adding Your Contacts 

At first, you need to create a New List & then Add Contacts to the following list. 

To be able to create a New List, simply go to   List & Contacts >> Create New List >> Enter the List Name & its related Remarks   and click on  Save Details & Create List. 

To be able to Add Contacts to the following list, start by simply clicking on ‘Add Contact’ listed in parallel to that list. 

Now you have 2 options - either you can add the contacts one by one or you can directly fetch in bulk via a CSV file. 

A. Add contacts one by one to the list

To add one contact at a time, enter the Contact Name and his/her Email ID >> click on Save. 

Note: You can also add additional information if you want by simply clicking on + Additional Information

B. Import contacts in bulk via CSV to the list

To add contacts via CSV, you will first have to download the CSV sample file by clicking on 'Download Sample'. You will then match & arrange your Actual Contacts data basis how the sample CSV file is made. Once you have arranged the data & fill in the required rows & columns as per the sample data CSV - you can then simply upload your Actual Data CSV file in the 3rd box option. 

The system will now map your data & fetch in all the details. Once the mapping is done completely, you can click on ‘Save Contacts and Continue’ in order to save the contacts in that list. 
Note:  In case the system shows any error message, request you to please go & match your  Actual data CSV to the Sample CSV  again as the data needs to be arranged in a perfect & duplicated manner. 

Step 3: Creating & Managing Your Campaigns

Every time you want to broadcast or run an email campaign, this is where you need to setup everything related to that particular campaign. To be able to create your Email Campaign, simply to go Campaigns >> click on Create Campaigns and Enter the required details.  

After filling in your Campaign Name, Email Subject Line & its Preheader - you need to select the  Contact list(s)  on which you want to run/broadcast the campaign  and then  Select Your SMTP  through which your emails will be sent.  After you are done, you can click on  'Continue to Email Builder'  wherein you can decide the look & feel of your Email. 

Email Builder  is a really interesting built-in space in Geminii wherein you can create, edit and play around with your Emails & their designs - and make each of your campaigns shine better & better from the last time. Below we will show you so many possibilities & unique things that you can do with our Email Builder. You can add Elements that are divided into  Typography, Media, Layout, Button, Social, Footer. 

After you are satisfied with your design, click on ‘ Save & Continue’  located on the bottom left area of the dashboard. As the next step,  you can review your entire campaign for a final check to avoid any mistakes or to go back to change anything. 

We suggest that you also 'Send a Test Email' on your email id to see what your broadcast email will ultimately look like.  If you still feel that you need to go 'Back to the Email Builder' to change or add anything - you can easily do that as well. 

And finally, when you are all happy with your Test Email & the campaign settings - you can click on  'Send Broadcast'  to broadcast your email campaign - and reach all your contacts in just seconds with a highly interactive campaign. 

NOTE:  Good Luck for your journey ahead with us & in case you need any kind of assistance moving further -   please feel free to submit a ticket here  or email us at You will hear back from us within 24 hours on working days. 

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