Understanding Elements Module

Understanding Elements Module

With LetMailbox dashboard, it is very easy & hassle-free to manage all the elements at one place.

To be able to manage all the Elements, follow the steps listed below:


Step 1: In your LetMailbox dashboard, go to Elements >> Your Elements.

Step 2: Now you can view all your elements listed here in their respective order. You can manage all the elements with the help of 4 options below each element.

1. Copy: You can copy the HTML Code, Autoresponder Code and Element Preview Code from here.

2. Analytics: You can view reports of your elements here. You can find :

a. Hour-wise Clicks

b. Day-wise Clicks

c. Browser-wise Stats

d. Platform-wise Stats

e. Device-wise Stats

f. Country-wise Clicks

3. Clone: You can clone (copy) the element by clicking on this option.

4. Archive: You can archive the element by clicking on this option if you do not want to see that element here anymore.

Note: You can locate all your archived campaigns by going to the top bar menu >> Elements >> Archived Elements.

Note: If you are unable to find what you were looking for here, please feel free to reach us anytime at support@letx.co.

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