Getting Started with MailEngageX

Getting Started with LetMailbox in Seconds

Getting attention in anyone’s email has become harder than ever.

It’s not a question of whether you need to provide your subscribers with a better email open and click experience.

If you want to stand out you, need tools that WOW the subscribers and get them to open and click each and every email that you send.  

LetMailbox exactly helps you stand out from all the rest and gets you much higher open and click rates.

Getting started with LetMailbox is as easy as following these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Set-up your LetMailbox Account

Getting started with LetMailbox is a very simple  process.


To start with, go to the Login URL: & enter your credentials (which you may have received in your inbox). Now, enter your website name & URL to get your account charged up for click rates like never before.

Note: To start with, the app requires a URL however, you can change it later.

Step 2: Create the Campaigns

Once you are into your LetMailbox dashboard, the next step us to start creating the elements.


All you need to do is go to ‘Create New Element’ and start creating the elements.

There are 28 highly engaging elements that you can create from this single dashboard.

To be able to start with creating the elements, follow the guides here.


Step 3: Manage and Optimise your campaigns

Once you have created the elements, you would obviously want to manage and optimize them.


To simply manage and optimize your elements, follow the guide here.

Note: If you are unable to find what you were looking for here, please feel free to reach us anytime at .

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